How to treat simple skin problems you think may be infected?

Well, you have had a lovely weekend. The following day, however, you notice pain, itchiness and a slight swelling- culminating in the last thing you need- a possible infection?

First of all, if you do believe the issue is more serious, for example, your intuition is telling you something quite serious is brewing- either contact 111, your pharmacist or GP.

Now, before you reach for all those expensive products.... why not try something different?

Can you believe that one of the best things you could use to start the healing process is sitting in your kitchen cabinet?

Let us start with an example- this skin complaint appears to be affecting your index finger. What can I do?

Right, follow these following steps:

1) Grab table salt.

2) Boil water, then add an adequate volume to a bowl.

3) Cool the water down with cold tap water- until it is lukewarm (to prevent scalding).

4) The best bit: add two to three table spoons of table salt to the bowl of water.

5) Place the affected finger into the water and massage the area with a fresh cotton pad. Do this for around two minutes at a time. 

Repeat this process at least twice a day- first thing in the morning and last thing at night. If you are able to do this around the middle of the day, even better!

In terms of duration, it may be effective to continue this for seven days (clearly, contact 111 or your GP- if the area naturally worsens, for example, if it looks shiny, discoloured and or you have a fever).

Finally, I will explain why this process is a good option:

Well, it allows you to quickly use something that will kill bacteria/fungi and relieve pressure around the area. Not only this, but the warm water will increase the blood flow around the area. Thinking back to those Biology lessons from school, the salt will- through Osmosis- allow the fluid to escape the finger and kill the bacteria.

It will also save you money!

This is a good tip and may prevent us having to rely on antibiotics, therefore, reducing the major global issue of antibiotic resistance!